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Filter Bags, Industrial Filter Housings, Duplex Filters for Gas, Water, Hydraulic, Oil, Steam

Omni Controls……..Experts in Industrial Filtration Systems, Filter Housings – Quality, Service, and Innovation – for You, the Customer

No matter what your industrial filtration requirements are, Omni Controls has a product to fit your needs.  With sophisticated, state-of-the-art filters and housings from such partners, Rosedale Products and Krystil Klear Filtration, Omni provides the industry standard in versatility and reliability. Serving industry since 1980, we utilize these top filter product lines to create effective, cost-effective solutions.  Add in our vast filtration engineering experience and you get real value. Allow us to assist you with you in meeting requirements for filters, housings, or filter bags. We’re got the right product mix for your project.

Samples of Our Liquid Filtration Products

Carbon Steel Filter Housings, Stainless Steel Filter Housings with Filter Baskets

Filter Basket with its Filter Housing

Our Industrial Liquid Filter Bags are Easily Serviced

Single Basket Series Filter Vessels from Rosedale Products

Automatic Switching Duplex Bag Filters – Large Capacity, Custom Fabrication. Unit Actuates on a Delta P Signal

Multi-Duplex Filter Assemblies with Unlimited Capacity

200 Gallon Filter Housing – 150 PSI Unit

200 PSI Series Bag Filter – Low Pressure with a Wide Range of Sizes and Pressure Ratings and Flow Capacities

Suction Strainers, Replacement Elements – Tank-Mounted

Pleated Filter Bag with Replacement Basket – 5 to 7 Times the Surface Area of Standard Filter Bags

Liquid Filter Housings

Rosedale Product’s Single Bag Series Filter Housings – Seven Basket Lengths Available

Filter Housing Accessories

Rosedale Products Filter Housings can be Bag Filters as well as Basket Strainers

Filter Housings for Liquid Filtration

Low Pressure Filter Housings

Medium to High Pressure Filter Housing

Pleated Bag Filters – Cartridges

Our Filter Product List

  • Automatic Bag and Strainer Filtration Systems
  • Bag Filter Housings Single, Multiple, Duplex Systems
  • Bag Filter Housings
  • Bag Filter Media
  • Bag Filter Vessels
  • Cartridge Housings
  • Dewatering Filter Bags
  • Duplex Bag Filters
  • Duplex Filters
  • Duplex Fuel Filters
  • Duplex Oil Filters
  • Portable Filter Carts
  • Filter Bags – Standard and High Efficiency
  • Filter Strainers
  • Filter Vessels
  • Filtration Bags
  • Filtration Vessels
  • Graded Density Replacement Bags
  • High Capacity Filter Bags
  • High Temperature Bags
  • Hydraulic Housings
  • Hydraulic Vessels
  • Industrial Cartridge Filters
  • Industrial Water Filters
  • In-Line Strainer Housings
  • Liquid Bag Filters
  • Liquid Filtration Systems
  • Lubrication Filters
  • Oil Filter Bags
  • Oil Separators
  • Pleated Bags
  • Single and Multi-Bag Filtration Systems
  • Strainer Baskets
  • Strainer Housings And Assemblies