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Flow and Filtration Products from Omni Controls

Omni Controls provides value-added distribution, integration, and extensive support for all of the following brands that help us engineer the best solution possible for all manner of fluid and air filtration systems and flow monitoring devices.


Differential Pressure Plus Eaton Filtration(Hayward Filtration)
Filter Mart Finite Filters
Fleetguard Filters Flow-Ezy Filters
Krystil Klear Filtration Lexair Pneumatic Valves
NAFCO Filters (North American Filter Corp.) Parker Filters
Precision Instrument Co. Universal Flow Monitors
Le Sac Corporation Micron Technologies Filters
Refilco Filters Mid-West Instrument
Rosedale Products Zander Filters
Lake Monitors Fram Filters


Differential Pressure Plus
Omni Controls represents Differential Pressure Plus in its product line, a leader in the manufacture of differential pressure gauges. The first family of differential pressure gauges has a choice of models to meet economic demands of the filter industry. For the first time, the end user can decide how much to spend on filter condition indicators.

Eaton Filtration (Formerly Hayward Filtration)
A manufacturer of industrial & commercial bags & cartridge filters for liquids. Omni offers filter bags that feature progressive density depth filtration that delivers high efficency up to 99.98 percent. Eaton Corporation acquired the Hayward Filtration business from Hayward Industries, Inc. in 2005.

Filter Mart
Omni Controls has access to over 700,000 cross references in the Filter Mart database and can have custom filters build to your specs. Replacement filters are available for Velcon, Facet, Fleetguard, Baldwin, Parker Racor, Parker, Pall, Fleetlife, EDM, Hastings, Dollinger, Kaydon, Keene, Bowser Briggs, Gulfgate, Royal, Quality, and many more.

Finite Filters by Parker Hannifin

Finite Filter manufactures a complete line of compressed air and gas filtration products. Finite’s International H-Series is the right solution for most air/gas applications. Housings are available with oil removal (coalescing), particulate and oil vapor removal elements. Omni Controls offers over 2,000 Finite competitor  interchange filter elements.

Flow-Ezy Filters
Omni utilizes Flow-Ezy Filters’ extensive array of hydraulic filters, strainers, air filters, oil filters, racing filters, and accessories. Their filtration products are designed and manufactured for quality, professional performance and long-term reliability.  

Fleetguard (Cummins Filtration)
Fleetguard is a member of the Cummins Inc. family, Cummins Filtration is the industry leader in filtration, exhaust, coolant and chemical technologies for diesel and gas markets. Cummins Filtration offers dependability and reliability beyond OEM specifications and customer requirements.

Fram Filters –

Krystil Klear Filtration

Krystil Klear Filtration, which originated in 1990, is a division of Geyer Manufacturing & Design Inc. Krystal manufactures industrial filtration housings, with a focus on the liquid bag and element housing line. The most recent addition is a bag filter manufacturing plant which completes their liquid bag housing line and provides an aftermarket filter source for industry.

Lake Monitors
Omni supports Lake flow monitoring products for a wide variety of applications.  Economical flow meters to monitor municipal-pressure water flows, observe case drain flows, and verify pump outputs.

Le Sac Corporation
Filter Technology, a manufacturer of micron-rated liquid and dust collecting bags,  plates, frames, and cloth filters, purchased LeSac Corporation in 2006.  LeSac manufactured a general line industrial filters; paper bags, housings for filters, filter retainers, accessories, filter repair kits, vacuum filters, water filters, dust collectors, oil filters, air filters, filtering machinery, filter membranes, and bag filters.

Lexair Pneumatic Valves
Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of industrial products including fluid power products, high pressure compressors, stainless steel hydraulic & pneumatic valves, & machine tool accessories. Manufacturers of Airmatic & Beckett-Harcum valves including power & control air & hydraulic valves, solenoid operated & pinch valves.

Micron Technologies Filters
Omni supports Micron’s single, dual, and multi-bag filter housings, filter bag systems, and replacement bags.  We utilize Micron Technologies filtration technology for these applications: water treatment and reclamation, lubrication and quenching, caustic and high temperature fluids, coolants and solvents, parts cleaning and washing.

Mid-West Instrument

Mid-West Instrument is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of differential pressure gauges and switches in the U.S. Mid-West’s experienced engineers and technicians utilize the latest equipment for engineering, manufacturing and testing the firm's gauge and switch products.  All Mid-West Instrument products are manufactured in the United States and are backed by an industry leading five (5) year warranty.

NAFCO Filters
North American Filter Corporation (NAFCO) manufactures air, gas, and liquid filtration systems for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, utilities, general manufacturing, pharmaceutical, electric, automotive, fertilizer, glass, food, and beverage industries. Purchase and subsequent integration of the Refilco Corporation added significantly to North American Filter Corporation’s product offerings all supported by Omni.

Precision Instrument Co. 
A wholly owned subsidiary of Engineered Specialty Products, Inc.,  PIC has manufactured high-quality pressure instruments since 1987.  Their precision instrument gauges and thermometers are designed to outperform and outlast the competition.  Their commitment is always to provide products with the best product possible for the application.

Rosedale Products
Rosedale Products, Inc. is a leading technology developer in the field of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for the global industrial marketplace. Its engineering achievements over the last 25 years have produced an exceptional product line that includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries.

Universal Flow Monitors
Omni represents this internationally renowned manufacturer of flow meters for liquids and gases. Types of applications include chemicals, compressed air, cooling water, air, nitrogen, clean gas, leak detection, lubrication oil, mineral oil, ultra pure water and generic water. Options available on flow meters include stainless steel construction and battery operation. Measuring capacities range from 1 GPH to 550 GPM. All flow meters are individually calibrated for direct reading and are also available are signal switches, transmitters and flow control models.

Zander Filters
Zander has a global reputation synonymous with innovation and quality. The company has reached this leading market position by continuous development and by the use of innovative system solutions in the areas of filtration technology for industrial and sterile as well as steam filtering.  In the field of air and gas drying , Zander has set standards for more than 25 years, as well as in adsorption, refrigeration and membrane technology. Patented, energy-saving techniques and design awards also stress the complete solutions with regard to economy and user-friendliness.   




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