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Omni Controls….....A Complete Line Pipeline Strainers, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valves, and Accessories – Quality, Service, and Innovation – for You, Since 1980

Omni Controls supports a line of strainers of unbeatable quality including over 11,000 model numbers of all sizes and in a variety of materials of construction from cast iron and carbon steel to stainless steel and PVC. Off-the-shelf simplex, duplex, pipe, and Y-strainers are available for immediate delivery. We have a pipe line strainer for just about any straining application imaginable with a broad and complete range of every type of strainer from 3/8” to 60” pipeline sizes. For a unique configuration or size, unusually high pressure, or a special alloy. We can economically fabricate a strainer to your exact needs.

We’re also steeped in hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluid power knowledge to recommend and provide the right hydraulic and pneumatic valves or systems for your application. Omni can help you with any application that deals with the generation, control, and transmission of pressurized fluids.

No matter where in the world you or your plant are located, an Omni representative is available to assist you. Welcome to our site.

Use our online pressure drop calculator to calculate the pressure loss for filters and strainers in a pipeline. Use our inches to microns, microns to inches conversion calculators on the right to determine equivalent inch and micron opening sizes in weave wire cloth. 



Areas of Our Applications Experience and Product Use


Chemicals - Water Handling - Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics – Petroleum –
Pulp and Paper - Process Equipment - Paint, Ink, and Latex - Marine Industry -
Tank Cars and Trucks - Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, and Schools -
Food Industry – Electronics - Power Generation – Industrial Manufacturing


Samples of Our Pipeline Strainers

Samples of Our Hydraulic Valves, Pneumatic Valves


Our Strainers and Hydraulic Accessories Product List

  • pneumatic fluid power
  • pneumatic servo valves
  • pneumatic solenoid valves
  • pneumatic valves
  • parker hydraulic valves
  • parker pneumatic valves
  • pneumatic check valves
  • pneumatic directional control valves
  • hayward strainers
  • in line strainers
  • industrial strainers
  • stainless steel strainers
  • strainer screens
  • suction strainers
  • sump strainers
  • pipeline strainers
  • hayward basket strainers
  • centrifugal oil separators
  • centrifugal sand separators
  • centrifugal separators
  • pipe strainers
  • gas separators
  • liquid separators
  • simplex basket strainers
  • duplex basket strainers
  • Y strainers
  • simplex pipeline strainers
  • multi basket strainers
  • temporary strainers
  • straight flow basket strainers
  • strainer baskets
  • basket strainers
  • two-way poppet valves
  • three-way poppet valves
  • high-flow control valves
  • manual air and hydraulic valves
  • mechanical air and hydraulic valves
  • pilot operated air and hydraulic valves
  • Tube-O-Matic valves
  • directional control valves
  • replacement solenoid assemblies and coils
  • direct solenoid operated valves
  • high-flow control valves
  • air-operated valves
  • Eaton strainers

Pipeline Strainers from Eaton Filtration
Omni represents Eaton Filtration whose strainers have, for 75 years, protected pumps, filters, nozzles, flowmeters, valves, heat exchangers, condensers, oil burners, boilers, and other process system components from damaging debris. Eaton strainers are synonymous with quality engineered and manufactured strainers. Eaton Corporation acquired the Hayward Filtration business from Hayward Industries, Inc.


Hydraulic Valves and Pneumatic Valves from Lexair
Omni represents Lexair, a prominent manufacturer of fluid power products, high pressure compressors, stainless steel hydraulic & pneumatic valves, & machine tool accessories. Manufacturers of Airmatic & Beckett-Harcum valves including power & control air & hydraulic valves, solenoid operated & pinch valves.


Poppet Valves
Poppet-type valves provide high flow, positive shut-off operation for a variety of industrial and process control needs. Constructed of non-corrosive materials, they can be used with a wide range of liquids and gases where quick-acting control is required. Working pressures to 500 PSI are standard, higher pressures are available upon request.

Direct Pilot Operated Poppet Valves

2-Way, Normally Open,
for Air, Oil, Water and Vacuum

2-Way, Normally Closed,
for Air, Oil, Water and Vacuum

3-Way, Normally Closed,
for Air, Oil and Water

Stainless Steel
2-Way, Normally Closed,
for Air, Oil, Water and Vacuum

Direct Solenoid Operated

Two-Way, Normally Closed,
for Air, Gas and Vacuum

Two-Way, Normally Closed,
for Oil and Water
Direct Cam Operated Check Valve DIN Solenoid/Pilot Operated

2-Way, Normally Closed,
for Air, Oil, Water and Vacuum

Normally Closed,
for Air, Oil and Water

2-Way, Normally Closed,
for Air, Oil, Water and Vacuum

TUBE-O-MATIC® valves are specially designed for abrasive or corrosive media applications. They are unique pinch valves that feature an airfoil center core that helps facilitate high flow, fast action and longer tube life compared to other typical pinch valves on the market. Working pressures to 150 PSI are standard.

Direct Pilot Operated

Solenoid Pilot Operated

Mini 1 Pneumatic Valves
Mini 1 pneumatic valves are compact, high-flow directional control valves featuring a wide array of manual, mechanical, air pilot and solenoid operators. The line features aluminum bodies with stainless steel spools and unique Buna-N seals. Available models include 3-way (3 port) and 4-way (5 port) bodies. Working pressures to 150 PSI are standard.

Manually Operated Pneumatic Valves

Pilot Operated

Mechanically Operated
  Solenoid Operated

Also Available:
• Hi-Cyclic® & Magna-Cycle Directional Control Valves
(two, three, and four way valves for pneumatic or hydraulic service)
• Shuttle Valves
• Solenoid Valves
• Solenoid Operators
• Railcar Valves
• Subplates
• Manifolds
• Repair Parts





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